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About İbni Sina Health Care - İbni Sina Health Care

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Our company offers timely diagnosis, counseling, inpatient care for adults and children, emergency medical care according to European diagnosis and treatment standards. Detection of diseases in the early stages is a guarantee of successful rehabilitation. Modern and up-to-date equipment allows you to accurately and timely diagnose and identify risks.

We offer excellent and complete patient care ...

No matter who you are - manager, cook, politician, rocker, lawyer, retired or bank employee, our company, you are someone who needs help above all, and we guarantee you constant care and warm attitude. You are valuable to us ..

  • Kidney and Liver Transplant
  • Hair Transplant
  • Dental Treatment and Implant
  • Aesthetic Surgery (Nose, Lip, Face, Regional etc.)
  • Obesity Treatment
  • Stomach Botox Applications
  • Stomach Balloon Treatment
  • Bariatric Surgery
  • Metabolic Surgery
  • Stomach Reflux Surgery
  • In addition to all surgical procedures, minor trauma, oncology surgery, organ transplantation + cardiovascular surgery
  • All kinds of eye surgery (cornea transplantation, retinal rupture, phaco, contact lens)
  • All ear nose surgeries (turbinate deviation, polyp removal, sinusitis, resection of adenoid facial tumors
  • Hand foot surgery
  • IVF + Treatment of all gynecological diseases and birth package (follow-up and delivery from the beginning to the end of pregnancy)
  • Rhinoplasty (ear nose throat)
  • All vertebra operations (waist + neck hernia) scoliosis surgeries + kyphotic surgeries

Perfect Surgeries in Professional Hands

Successful Results with Modern and Updated Infrastructure

With the use of the latest and modern technology, surgical materials, medical devices and medicines are offered to our patients. İbni Sina Health Care prefers Covidien and Ethicon products, which are the safest brands in the world, in all its operations.

İbni Sina Health Care changing health policies and health insurance systems in Turkey and all over the world are tracked in real time with the team of experts.

In this way;

We prevent you from having problems in your access to our health services.
We produce instant, fast and tailored solutions.
We use incentive and smart technological infrastructures that answer all questions.
Regardless of the country, we manage the process professionally with our experts who speak your language.
Is there any more?

Be demanding! You are special to us.

İbni Sina Health Care adopts a personalized treatment approach that is valid all over the world. In this context, apart from the standard application, an organization with the flexibility to meet your needs is waiting for you.

Feel free to contact our experts.

  • İbni Sina Health Care
  • Ataköy Kısım Mah. E5 Yan yol Cad. Nef 22 A Blok Kat:5 No:78 Bakırköy / İstanbul - Türkiye
  • +90 212 843 84 78
  • +90 212 843 84 78
  • info[@]ibnisinahealthcare.com
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