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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions and answers are brought together for you

İbni Sina Health Care adopts a personalized treatment approach that is valid all over the world. We are a large company with the best service, pioneering, qualified physician staff and expert staff in Turkey.

Professor doctors in all branches, translators in their own language 24/7, and communication that can reach the team at any time.

We provide services in all branches of health, but we have countless experiences especially in major surgery cases.

Of course, brain tumors, oncology surgeries, organ transplants, eye, ear, nose and throat surgeries, all kinds of orthopedic surgeries, general surgery surgeries, dental and aesthetic surgeries are some of them.

We can answer this question as follows; "Turkey means health, Ibni Sina  Health care means, and the leading team in health and service"

We love our job and we trust our team, so there is little to no difficulty.

We offer prices according to the average cost of the surgery in Turkey, without making the patient suffer financially as much as possible. And we are trying to provide the best quality service at the most affordable price.

First of all, we work with Group A hospitals. We provide our treatments in hospitals with all technical and device infrastructures and CSI certificates.

Our patients come from many countries of the world, but especially from the African region, from the Middle East and Europe.

When the demand comes and sufficient equipment is created, of course we go and do our surgery.

A year later, to be recognized in many countries of the world and to open our branches in many countries. In addition to this, to direct many people who are trying to reach the right treatment to our country.

Many patients who come to us have returned to their country after receiving their treatment, and our biggest advertisement is the patients we treat. I should also say that terminal stage oncology patients are exempt from this.

as follows; We are in contact with many consulates on visa issues and we can accelerate the visa process of patients according to the urgency of the patients. As I said, the urgency of the patient is taken into account. And many times consulates offer their support to us.

As a company, we have many government agreements, we work with the ministries of health of the countries, and we work in integration with many foundations, agencies, hospitals and individuals.

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