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VIP Health Services

We Realize Both Your Vacation and Your Treatments with VIP Health Services

İbni Sina Health Care; We provide all the necessary preparations to make you, our esteemed guests, feel special during the treatment process, with our VIP Treatment Services, 5 star luxury accommodation, transportation with VIP vehicles and Trained Drivers, Optional Istanbul Tour, and free accommodation for a relative you will bring with you. We did it for.

Our VIP Health Services

  • When you arrive at the airport, our team that speaks your language will welcome you with a smile.
  • Our luxury vehicles are waiting for you to take you and your companions to your luxury hotel in comfort.
  • In order to make you and your guest comfortable before and after the surgery, your rooms will be ready in 5-star hotels, the quality of which is accepted by the whole world.
  • Unlimited breakfast service is provided for you and your valuable guests during your stays.
  • Our team, who speaks your language professionally during the entire treatment and transportation process, works to make you feel at home.
  • Unlimited internet service will be provided according to your needs in every environment you are in.
  • After the operation, we continue to be with you, our valued guests, in all our processes until the airport.
  • After your surgery is completed and you go to your country, our constantly accessible team will continue to serve you. Our post-operative health consultants are at your service for your questions and problems.

Our Operation Process

Our transportation team speaking your language from the airport and our call center employee who is in contact with you will meet you. You will then be brought to our Class A hospital where your surgery will be performed. Your hospitalization process will be done directly in the room where you will stay, not in the hospitalization unit. In terms of the health of you and our medical personnel, all pre-operative tests will be performed in the hospital. With the completion of the test results, the Professor staff will take you into surgery. Necessary measures will be taken to avoid pain problems in the post-operative period.

Your average length of stay in the hospital will be shared with you before each surgery. During this period, tests will continue to be carried out to confirm that the surgery was successful. After the operation, on the day you will be discharged from the hospital, you will go to your luxury hotel with our professional transportation team speaking your language. Our coordination team, which you can reach at any time during your stay at the hotel, will be in contact with you.

After your hotel stay is over, you will be transferred to the airport and you will be able to go to your country in a healthy way. Detailed reports about the process will be presented to you in English. As Ibni Sina Health Care Company, our accessible team before and after the surgery guarantees that they will provide you with the best service.

You imagine we of carrying. You can consult our experts for more.

İbni Sina Health Care is with you in all your health processes..

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