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Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer Treatments with Professional Colonoscopy Method

What is Colon Cancer?

Tumors that occur as a result of proliferation of malignant cells in the large intestine for various reasons are called colon cancer.

Colon Cancer Causes and Risk Factors

  • Age factor
  • Genetic factors
  • Polyps
  • Inflammatory bowel diseases
  • Unhealthy lifestyle

What are Colon Cancer Symptoms?

The symptoms of bowel cancer are often manifested by changes in defecation habits.

Diarrhea or constipation that does not go away, thinning of the stool, blood coming from the stool and the anus, and an egg-like secretion in the stool are among the symptoms of colon cancer.  When the cancer progresses further, complaints such as swelling and pain are observed in the abdomen.  Pain and difficulty in defecation, anemia due to iron deficiency, weight loss and mass formation in the abdomen are also findings related to colon cancer.

How is Colon Cancer Diagnosed?

Today, cancer and other tumoral formations in the colon and intestine can be diagnosed more easily using endoscopic methods.  It is possible to detect tumor formation in the early period using the colonoscopy method.  In addition, thanks to colonoscopy, polyps that are at risk of turning into cancer are removed and the danger of cancer is prevented.  For the definitive diagnosis, stool is taken from the patient and examined, colon radiography and computed tomography are applied.  With endoscopy, a piece is taken and pathologically examined.

What are Colon Cancer Treatment Methods?

For the treatment of colon cancer, polyps that are likely to turn into cancer are removed by colonoscopy.  If the cancer has reached an advanced stage, surgery becomes mandatory.  The part with the tumor is removed.  In cases where the disease has spread to neighboring areas, chemotherapy is applied.  If the cancer has metastasized, treatment is continued and the patient's life expectancy is tried to be extended.

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