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Facial Aesthetics

Professional Facial Aesthetic Surgery and Medical Applications


Rhinoplasty is an aesthetic operation performed for individuals who do not like the shape of the nose, have a bony nose structure and want to change it.  This surgery is an operation that is frequently performed by men or women today. There is a limit of 18 years for men and 16 years for women. In rhinoplasty surgery, general anesthesia is usually applied. Before the operation, you need to be informed about the health screening and the drugs used. The postoperative process continues under the supervision of a doctor.

Face Lift

With age, deformations occur in the face. The effects of aging are manifested by sunlight and gravity and wrinkles in the face area.  Skin sagging also begins to manifest itself, especially in the chin and neck area. In short, facelift surgery is a preferred application to recover skin loosening and sagging and to minimize these effects.

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