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Obesity Surgery

Professional Obesity Surgery Operations in Turkey

Obesity is roughly defined as the excessive accumulation of abnormal fat in the body. To evaluate this, a calculation called the Body Mass Index is made.  People with a Body Mass Index over 30 are called obese, and people with a BMI over 40 are called morbidly obese.

The basis of obesity is the fact that the energy taken is more than the energy consumed by metabolism and physical activities, and accordingly, the increased energy is stored in the form of fat. Obesity is a health problem that affects human life physically or psychologically and constitutes a primary risk factor in the formation of many diseases, therefore it must be treated.

Obesity can cause many health problems.  

These are: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular Diseases, Sleep Apnea Syndrome and various cancers.

Patients with a BMI of 30-40 are primarily recommended diet therapy and exercise.  However, surgery is recommended for people whose BMI does not fall enough.  The surgical decision for these patients should be made with a multidisciplinary approach.  It is extremely important that the patients are evaluated by an endocrinologist, dietitian and, if necessary, a psychologist, and the opinions of these experts are taken.

In bariatric surgery, several treatment methods are applied according to the clinical characteristics of the patient.  These:
Tube Stomach Surgery (Sleeve Gastrectomy): It is the most commonly used surgical method today.  It is also known as stomach reduction surgery.  It is based on the principle of removing an average of 80% of the stomach with the laparoscopic method.

Gastric Bypass Surgery: It is the operation of ensuring the continuity of a small part of the stomach with the intestinal system.  Thus, both uptake and absorption are reduced.
Gastric Band Application: It is the process of reducing the stomach volume by means of a band that is wrapped around the stomach in the form of a clamp surgically.
Gastric Balloon Application is the most common non-surgical method.  In this method, it is aimed to reduce the stomach volume by means of a balloon placed into the stomach endoscopically.

Regardless of the treatment applied, the most important thing to consider is the patient's compliance.  It is of great importance for the patient to adopt a new lifestyle, to comply with the recommendations, and to receive supportive treatments if necessary.

The most frequently asked question is whether it will be possible to regain weight after these attempts.  After both techniques, some patients may regain weight 3-4 years after the surgery. The most important reason for this is the incompatibility of the patients with the new lifestyle.

If you find that your body mass index is 30 and above when you calculate your body mass index, you can apply to a health institution to have your routine check-ups and evaluate treatment options together with your doctor. 

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