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Prostate Surgeries

Professional Prostate Surgeries with Advanced Laser Technology

Holep (Laser Prostate Enlargement Surgery)

HoLEP, which can be applied with both general and spinal anesthesia, is performed by entering the external urinary canal of the penis with a camera. With this camera, it is examined whether there is any narrowing in the channel.

After the examination, the prostate tissue is imaged with the camera. In the next step, the bladder is examined. During this examination, it is checked whether there are stones or tumors in the bladder.

With the intervention to the prostate tissue, it is primarily realized by cutting the border points of the capsule with the enlarged prostate tissue. During this procedure, bleeding occurs very little because all the vessels in the tissue are sealed with a laser.

The separation of prostate tissue varies depending on its size. In some patients, it may be in one piece, or in some patients it is thrown into the bladder in 2 or 3 pieces.

The prostate tissue discharged into the bladder is then treated with a medical device called a morcellator. With this device, the prostate tissue is completely broken down and thrown out of the body by vacuuming. The prostate tissue removed from the body is then sent to the laboratory for cancer research.

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