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Trauma Surgery

Trauma Surgery Operations with Expert Doctors in Their Fields

Cranial Trauma Surgery (Hemorrhages, Collapse Fractures, Dislocation)

It is an important cause of death and disability, especially in young adults and children. It is most common between the ages of 15 and 30.  It is 3 times more common in men.  Diagnosis is made with CT and MRI.  Symptoms such as vomiting, severe ligament pain, seizure, neck trauma, bleeding and dislocation are seen. In general, post-traumatic hemorrhages and collapse fractures are seen.

Here, evaluating the patient well, making the diagnosis well and being able to intervene in a timely manner carries a vital risk. Especially in head traumas, epidural hematoma, subdoral hematoma, intracranial intraparachymal hematoma, supraachnoid type hemorrhages may occur.

Considering the area, volume, amount and physical condition of the patient, follow-up, drainage, surgery and procedures are applied to the patient. In such cases, the first 48 hours are very important.

Vetebral Trauma Surgery

Spine surgery;  It is an intervention aimed at healing the damage to the spine caused by impact to the spine, trauma, traffic accidents, falling from a height.  In addition, the cartilage that covers the joint group (facet joint), which is among the structures that make up the spine, loses its feature over time and causes trauma.

Spinal injuries can range from mild soft tissue trauma to spinal fracture and spinal cord injury.  In some cases, there may be paralysis.  Treatment varies according to the severity of the case.

Fractures in the spine are usually of the extreme type.  Compression fracture, comminuted fracture, and blast fracture.  Diagnosis is usually made radiologically.  As a result of (MR, CT, GRAFI) corset and plaster treatment, instrumentation and fusion and vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty.  In patients who develop neurological deficits in vetebral traumas, it is seen that neurological damage does not progress if early diagnosis is made and necessary interventions are made.

 The aim of the vertebral surgeries to be performed is to minimize the neurological damage, to use the joint and extremity movements normally and to provide comfortable mobilization.

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